Company Milestones

  • Founding of RGD in August, 1982
  • Started computerization in 1987
  • Major reorganization of the firm in 1989
  • Acquired big NGOs, cooperatives, and foreign development aid agencies as clients during the 90's
  • Helped publish the Basic Finance Management for Small NGOs and POs in 1993
  • Affiliated with Independent Accountants International (IA) from 1995 to 1997
  • RGD became REC in the year 2000
  • Affiliated with ACPAPP as an institutional member in the year 2000

History of Redor, Emerson and Co.

    as recalled by Emerson P. Redor (founding partner)
    Published in ACPAPP Bulletin August-September 2002 issue

After serving the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines' National Secretariat of Social Action as Finance Officer from 1974-82, I, together with two former colleagues from Carlos J. Valdes & Co., (CJVC) and a friend who is into part time practice, organized in August, 1982 a partnership then known by the firm name Redor, Gonzales, Dejoras & Co. (RGD). We started with only ten clients, mostly NGOs and Protestant Church-based organizations.

My four years of training and experience at CJVC from 1970 to 1973 made me decide to try and pursue a career in public practice Initially, my vision was to have an ethical, honest to goodness public practice wherein my independence as a practicing CPA external auditor is not compromised nor threatened. Our clientele of NGOs and other not for profit entities, because of their tax exemption and minimal statutory compliance requirements, really help us a lot in avoiding undesirable situations and temptations related to public practice.

In 1987, we admitted into the firm two new partners. It was during 1987-89 that we provided trainings for NGOs, farmers' organizations and even trade unions on basic financial management and accounting as well as analysis and evaluation of strategic financial data. We also started orienting ourselves with computer technology and went into computerized accounting systems installation as well.

In late 1989, with the withdrawal of three partners, we reorganized the firm and admitted into the partnership three new partners, two of which were former colleagues from CJVC. And so, starting 1990,our firm became known as Redor, Gonzales, Doliente & Co.

During the nineties, the firm had a lot of breakthroughs. Big NGOs, local representative offices of foreign development aid agencies and cooperatives were coming to us for auditing services. We are proud to provide our auditing expertise to NIPA, a big World Bank-funded environmental project for two years. Our audit experience and track record were also recognized positively by a number of European development aid agencies. We likewise helped publish the manual Basic Finance Management for Small NGOs and POs in order to help small not for profit organizations cope with basic financial management reporting requirements. From 1995-97, we affiliated with Independent Accountants International (IA). As a member of IA, we were exposed to non-traditional practices like peer review and inter-firm members assistance, which helped a lot some of our clients as well as some IA member firms in Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia. While we did not really benefit from this alliance economically, it brought our practice to a higher level of maturity.

By the year 2000, with the withdrawal of two name partners, Messrs. Gonzales and Doliente, we reorganized the partnership anew and changed the firm name to Redor, Emerson & Co. (REC). It was during this year that we affiliated with ACPAPP as an institutional member.

At present, the firm is still as idealistic as we were twenty years ago, inculcating the values of honesty, hard work and resourcefulness to our present partners and staff. We also encourage our client NGOs to strictly comply with withholding tax laws to be able to help generate much needed revenues for the government. And while we still consider ourselves as a small firm, we are now maintaining a clientele that has expanded nationwide since 1982. At least half of our clientele are located outside the National Capital Region while most of our Metro-Manila based clients are in Quezon City. We are also accredited auditors for Philippine projects funded by the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e.V. and Bread for the World of Germany as well as Terres des Hommes of the Netherlands.