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Redor, Emerson & Co. (formerly Redor, Gonzales, Doliente & Co.) is a general professional partnership of Certified Public Accountants formed in August, 1982 for the general practice of public accounting and other incidental activities.

REC services clients in Metro Manila as well as 14 other cities and provinces across the country. A significant number of REC's clients are European development aid agencies assisting Philippine projects, local church organizations, schools and non-government organizations working in partnership with the European Union, United Nations agencies as well as foreign development aid agencies. Among these donor agencies are Misereor, Bread for the World of Germany and Third World Health Aid of Belgium.


Emerson P. Redor, CPA
Candido M. Perez, CPA
Ma. Dulcenea S. Samar, CPA


Maricel A. Landicho
Rodrigo B. Niango, Jr., CPA
Melissa Anne M. Redor, CPA


Luningning Salvador
Rizal Ballarta